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CloudZenix LLC

DevOps Automation: Tools and Best Practices

As the demand for faster software delivery increases, DevOps automation has become a necessity. In this blog, we will discuss the various tools and best practices for DevOps automation, and how our CloudZenix company can help.

Tools for DevOps Automation:

Configuration Management Tools: Configuration Management tools like Ansible, Chef, and Puppet automate the process of configuring and maintaining servers, network devices, and applications.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Tools: CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Travis CI, and GitLab CI automate the process of building, testing, and deploying code changes.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Tools: IaC tools like Terraform and CloudFormation automate the process of provisioning and managing infrastructure resources like servers, databases, and storage.

In conclusion, DevOps automation is critical for modern software development, and CloudZenix can help you implement it. By using the right tools and best practices, you can build a scalable, reliable, and secure infrastructure that can handle the demands of modern software development. Contact CloudZenix today to learn more.

Devops Automation.png
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CloudZenix LLC

Shift-Left in DevOps is the Right Process in 2023 and beyond!

Shift-Left in DevOps is a process that emphasizes moving testing earlier in the software development life cycle. By doing so, teams can catch and fix issues earlier, resulting in faster feedback loops and quicker software releases. In 2023 and beyond, Shift-Left will continue to be a crucial process for companies looking to improve their software delivery and increase their competitive edge.

At CloudZenix, we understand the importance of Shift-Left in DevOpsand offer expert assistance to companies looking to adopt this process. Our team of professionals can work with you to assess your current processes and identify areas for improvement. We can then help you develop a customized plan to implement Shift-Left and other DevOps practices, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve in software development.

To learn more about how CloudZenix can help you implement Shift-Left and other DevOps practices, click here to read more:

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Kubernetes Series

I’m starting a new series all about Kubernetes.

@gdpande1999 shared an update, 8 months ago
Technical Lead, DApp World

Introducing competitive coding in Blockchain

Competitive coding involves solving algorithmic problems within a time limit. Common platforms like Codeforces and LeetCode use mainstream programming languages. Blockchain-specific languages aren't integrated yet. For regular problems, optimize algorithms. For blockchain, grasp blockchain concepts and specific languages like Solidity for smart contracts. Dedicated platforms are needed for blockchain-related competitive coding.

@nevola shared an update, 8 months, 3 weeks ago
CEO, relianoid

New Release RELIANOID Open Source Load Balancer CE v5.20

We’re glad to announce the release of RELIANOID Community Edition v5.20.0 which is the continuation of (the now discontinued) Zevenet CE v5.13.

relianoid community release
@tonyzhu_sphereex shared an update, 1 year, 2 months ago
Marketing Specialist, SphereEx

ShardingSphere 5.3.2 Release: Apollo Integration, Better Data Migration, and Stronger Encryption

Apache ShardingSphere version 5.3.2, released after two months of development, brings significant improvements in functionality, performance, testing, documentation, and examples. With 797 PRs from teams and individuals worldwide, users can enjoy an enhanced and problem-solving version. Notably, the ShardingSphere Driver now supports Apollo, allowing for configuration reading from the Apollo configuration center. Other updates include support for migrating tables with any index structure and the CONCAT function for data encryption fuzzy query.

@cloudzenix shared an update, 1 year, 3 months ago
CloudZenix LLC

Where will the cloud be heading in 2023?

Developers and cloud computing, since the beginning, have been intertwined in a symbiotic relationship. As competitiveness in the realm of IT is increasing with every passing day, organizations are expanding their horizons to enhance productivity and efficiency. Cloud migration across countless industry verticals has been relentless due to flexibility, economy, and scalability.

After heading into 2023, we understand that the cost of cloud will skyrocket in the coming days. In addition, the disruptive volatility in the overall economy will add fire to gasoline due to the constant shifts in IT. Cloud providers are being open about how the cost of adapting cloud technology is getting out of hand.

Cloud services for the general public are reaching the $600 Billion mark. Jason Fried, CEO of, Basecamp, said the increase in the cost is due to people hoarding the space in the cloud ‘just in case.’ By the looks of it, ‘just in case’ is why time, energy, and resources are laid to go down to waste. Read more:

@bernardhalas shared an update, 1 year, 7 months ago
Founder, Berops

K8s cluster with each nodepool in a different provider

Claudie is an automation for spawning (and managing) multi-cloud clusters. It offers a vendor-lock free deployment and migration from one provider to another under full production load.

News FAUN Team
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Founder, FAUN

Humans Behind Code: Featuring Developers behind awesome projects!

Announcing Humans Behind Code, a project by FAUN.

Humans Behind Code
News Mia-Platform Team
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Marketing, Mia-Platform

Mia-Platform at KCD

Mia-Platform is sponsoring at KCD London on the 22nd -23rd November

KCD event image