favicon  Talk to me Nicely - How to Communicate Your Ideas And Speed up Your Career - Piotr Stawirej

Are you frustrated because your ideas about new tools, frameworks, practices are not picked up by yo..
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favicon  Chaos Engineering — Planning your first experiment

In Part 1 of this series, I introduced chaos engineering and explained how it helps uncover and fix ..
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favicon  Building a Custom Serverless Chatbot — Pieces & Parts

Getting a handle on what-it-takes, pieces-and-parts is often difficult to conceive — overwhelm is mo..
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favicon  AWS Cloudformation is an Infrastructure Graph Management Service — And Needs to Act More Like it

AWS CloudFormation is an infrastructure graph management service — and needs to act more like it...
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favicon  Gophercon 2019 Highlights

Gophercon is a social event and the very nice organization made the experience very enjoyable. St..
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favicon  Outline/Outline

The fastest wiki and knowledgebase for growing teams. Beautiful, feature-rich, markdown compatible a..
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favicon  Join DevOps expert, Matthew Barlocker, for a CloudWatch Guided Tour

Join us July 25th or July 31st to learn about CloudWatch concepts, alarms, metrics, best practices, ..

favicon  The New AWS Middle East (Bahrain) Region

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is expanding its global footprint with the opening of the AWS Middle East ..
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favicon  Why we Need to Transform The Internet For a Cloud-native World

When people talk about the Internet of Things (IoT), their focus inevitably falls on the "things," b..
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favicon  This is how I use the good parts of AWS cloud, while filtering out all the distracting hype.

My experience is in web- sites/apps/services. From tiny personal projects to commercial apps running..
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