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Host a static website on AWS under a minute with Terraform

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If you have a static website and you want a simple solution, S3 and Cloudfront are great choices. Also, we will get an SSL certificate for our domain and it will be free.

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Simple HTTP Redirects Using AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Python


For a recent personal project of mine, I needed to quickly and easily redirect and track user traffic to a serverless website I hosted in AWS.

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Advanced Terraform Security: Pro Tips for Secure Infrastructure as Code


In simpler times, IT operations had the responsibility to configure and deploy new infrastructure, mostly via command line interface (CLI) and scripts. Today, even those with the most advanced command line prowess cannot keep up with the scalability and agility demands of companies building and deploying infrastructure in the cloud.

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Terraform Security 101: Best Practices for Secure Infrastructure as Code


Deploying and managing cloud resources is faster and easier than ever, and we have infrastructure as code (IaC) to thank for it. With IaC, tedious manual configurations and one-off scripts are things of the past. Instead, you manage infrastructure with code in much the same way you would applications and services. This infrastructure can be anything from servers and databases to networks, Kubernetes clusters, and entire application stacks.