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Bernard Halas, Lead Engineer of Claudie: Enabling Kubernetes Freedom Across Clouds

Claudie is a platform for managing multi-cloud Kubernetes clusters, with each nodepool in a different cloud provider. It supports cloud bursting, service interconnect, managed Kubernetes for providers that do not offer it, and cost savings.

Today, we are talking with Bernard Halas, the Lead Engineer of Claudie. Read on to learn more about the human and the code!

Bernard Halas, Claudie Founder
@eon01 shared a Humand Behind Code story, 1 year, 4 months ago
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Shahar Glazner, CTO/Cofounder @Keep: Understand the Deep Internals of What You Are Solving

Please tell us about yourself.I'm Shahar, an experienced architect, and developer. I have a strong background in cybersecurity (having spent 6 years in the Israeli equivalent of the NSA, known as 8200) and cloud infrastructure. I was the founding engineer of, and today, I'm th..

Shahar Glazner, CTO and Cofounder, Keep
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Jeronimo Irazabal, immudb Co-Founder, the Vision & the Fascination of Immutable Data

Could you please tell us about yourself?The areas I'm passionate about are databases, applied cryptography, and distributed systems. I feel very fortunate to have a wonderful family and to work on topics I enjoy. As a sports enthusiast and fruit freak, I eat a lot of fruit.Why did you start you..