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AWS Security Intro – 1. Access

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11 Best Coursera Certifications and Courses to Start Career in IT, Blockchain, and Data Science

Are you looking for the best Coursera certifications and courses to start your career in IT, Data Science, Blockchain, and other greenfield areas? Then these resources can help you

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Common Performance Management Mistakes

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Cloud Computing - An Introduction

The first thing you need to understand about the cloud is that it is not always part of the body.

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Mobile and IoT Security Strategies in the Cloud

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How to Use Custom Domain Names inside AWS VPCs

Use your company-specific domain names instead of default AWS assigned domain names for EC2 instances inside VPCs.

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How to SSH Into a Linux(Ubuntu) Server With a New User Using the Terminal

This is a simple beginner's tutorial where I will demonstrate how to ssh into an Ubuntu server with a new local user.

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Rails encrypted credentials on 6.2

Rails encrypted credentials on 6.2
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The Developers Guide To Scaling Rails Apps

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Blue/Green deployment strategy

Canary deployment strategy also known as blue/green deployment, is an industry standard protocol for deployment with zero downtime by utilizing two separate environments and switching during source code updates or rollbacks. Canary deployments have a lot of advantages when it comes to multi-server configuration and aids in technical cases like version rollbacks, and a/b testing.

Canary deployments