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Improve your Software Development Process with Value Stream Mapping.

The final step is to use the information gathered and distinguish the different types of steps in the process. You distinguish the valued step from the rest at that step. With this information at hand, you can create measures of the processes that will serve as references.Value added task: product o..


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On-Prem Containers with AWS ECS Anywhere

You will start to see the instance show up in AWS in the ECS console. You are not just centralizing your container workloads management, you are also centralizing the monitoring and alerting of these systems (with AWS Cloudwatch) further reducing the management overhead and total ToC for your organi..

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Performing Optimized Search Queries with AWS DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB is a simple, secure and efficient way to configure data models for our application in a manner that guarantees fast, predictable performance and scalability. It however comes with some downsides, especially its limited querying capabilities. While an additional search engine expense ..


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The 1st Crisis in Software Engineering, the Roots of Agile and the Short Story of DevOps

Cloud computing made building infrastructure as code easier, it allowed us to automate most of the manual tasks and enabled collaboration between the teams building the application and the teams maintaining the infrastructure.The automation made reviewing, testing and bug hunting happens at an earli..

The 1st Crisis in Software Engineering, the Roots of Agile and the Short Story of DevOps