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Agile: So you want to go fast and make lots of mistakes, do you?

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How to Get Started with Chaos Engineering? — Preparing for Major Disruption

Mac explosion
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Quantum Computing Continued

In the first article we brushed on quantum computing basics, in this edition we will explore types of qubits.

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Quantum Computing Explained

Quantum computers are quite thoroughgoing in how they approach the problem solving dynamic. Quantum computers shy away from the traditional transistor methodology and opt for spins.

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How to Reduce Waste and Increase Productivity in Software Development?

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Quantum Artificial Intelligence

In this article we want to develop a neural network that can measure a simulated qubit and return the correct value between 0 or 1.

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How Tik Tok’s Engineering Works

Tik tok is one of the most popular social media platforms amongst generation Z. With over 2.3 billion all-time downloads and over 1.5 billion active monthly users, how does it work?

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5 Mistakes To Avoid As A Junior Software Engineer

You have survived the learning how to “code stage”, the “job seeking stage”, the horrible interviews and finally time to prove yourself.