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Algorithmic Analysis


In the previous article on our introduction toalgorithms, we spoke about algorithmic analysis. And in this article we will go in depth.

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Tackling Array and String Interview Questions: Methods and Code


I Will walk you through the array and strings interview questions that may be asked and how to approach these problems, I will do 3 and leave the rest as a challenge.

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Amazon Virtual Coding Interview Preparations

Due to COVID-19 Amazon and other FAANG companies have been practicing responsible interview processes. Technical interviews are now virtual, the good old whiteboard has been replaced with tools such as Google Docs, Livecode, Amazon Chime, and Google Meets.

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This is one of the multiple articles that will be covering algorithms in detail. Developers struggle with these and I want to simplify them as much as possible, from basic to complex.

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student, Camellia Institute Of technology

Must Know Git Commands for a Developer

GitHub Pagesgit

Whether you are a professional developer or a beginner in Computer Science, you often have heard the words git and GitHub, as nowadays git has become a daily need in our life as a developer, and is widely used in the software industry.

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codiBeginner guide to get started with OPEN SOURCE

GitHub Actionsgit

GitHub is the most popular platform for open source collaboration, so you’ll probably use it when exploring the world of OSS.

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Write Professional Python Code: 9 Tips To Simplify Your Code (Beginner's Guide)

I’ve divided these articles into ten parts from beginner level to senior. Will be sharing some useful tips and tricks for Python newbies that will make your life much easier.

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5 Mistakes To Avoid As A Junior Software Engineer

You have survived the learning how to “code stage”, the “job seeking stage”, the horrible interviews and finally time to prove yourself.