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Learning Resources to Get Started With the Rust Programming Language

I’d like to discuss what reading I’d recommend starting learning the Rust Programming Language and how useful the language can be, not only to Systems Programming, but also to Microservices, web development, applications in Blockchain technology; even game development.

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11 Best Coursera Certifications and Courses to Start Career in IT, Blockchain, and Data Science

Are you looking for the best Coursera certifications and courses to start your career in IT, Data Science, Blockchain, and other greenfield areas? Then these resources can help you

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8 Projects You can Build to Learn React Native - Best of Lot

Do you love learning by doing? Building projects are the best way to learn React Native and these project ideas are great to start with React Native. They are neither too complex nor too trivial which makes them the best React Native projects for beginners.

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5 Best Platforms to Learn Blockchain in 2022

These are the best online platforms to learn Blockchain Programming, and Development in depth.

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97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

I read the book “97 Things Every Programmer Should Know” and I know most of you won’t ever read this book, but there were things which I thought needed to be out, so I made a little summary of important points of the book.

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Understand Scoping and Hoisting in JavaScript with Examples

JavaScript is weird, right? A lot of times, developers see an unexpected behavior in their code and they just want to tear their hair out. In this article, I am covering the two concepts that will help you understand those weird behaviors.

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Algorithmic Analysis

In the previous article on our introduction to algorithms, we spoke about algorithmic analysis. And in this article we will go in depth.

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Kotlin⚡️: Loops | Erselan Khan

Today we will show you how we can use different types of Loops in the Kotlin programming language.

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String Manipulation in Python: A Comprehensive Guide

As a software developer, you will be dealing with strings quite regularly.

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Stock Market Analysis Using Python Pandas

Python pandas is one of the most important tools to have in your toolbox as a Data Scientist.

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Amazon Virtual Coding Interview Preparations

Due to COVID-19 Amazon and other FAANG companies have been practicing responsible interview processes. Technical interviews are now virtual, the good old whiteboard has been replaced with tools such as Google Docs, Livecode, Amazon Chime, and Google Meets.

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This is one of the multiple articles that will be covering algorithms in detail. Developers struggle with these and I want to simplify them as much as possible, from basic to complex.

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An Introduction to List Comprehensions in Python

Pythonic way of expressing iterative logic

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Data Structures And Algorithms: Arrays In Python

An array is a collection of similar, sequential data types stored in a central location.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Variables in Python

What is a variable in Python? Simply put, a variable is a reserved memory location for an object.

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Python – Lambda, the Tiny Yet Powerful Function Inside a Function

In the last article, we saw how List Comprehension can help us to filter and/or sort lists (or arrays) to populate new ones. In this issue, we delve into a tiny, yet powerful, feature that helps in lists and more.

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C# — Remote package management

Using Sonatype Nexus 3 as a NuGet artifacts repository

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Write Professional Python Code: 9 Tips To Simplify Your Code (Beginner's Guide)

I’ve divided these articles into ten parts from beginner level to senior. Will be sharing some useful tips and tricks for Python newbies that will make your life much easier.

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Testability is crucial

Before I decide to add a function I always ask myself, "how can I test this?" Although a plain question, it forces me to re-evaluate the change I wish to make. It also helps me express my code in a more thought out manner.