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GIT — Basic building blocks — Part 1


At present Git is the most used “version control system” in the world, at the same time, a misunderstood and mechanically used tool for many too.

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10 Github Extensions for VS Code that will ease your work 😀


Hello World😅! Let’s dive into something concerning open-source today once more.

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Forking and Pushing Changes to a Remote Repository using Git and GitHub

GitHub Pages

“Git” is a version control tool, to make a slightly less than one-to-one comparison, it’s like a Google Docs for code.

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The DevOps deployment checklist

DevOps practices are employed in organizations to break down existing silos and create a better environment for collaborations between teams to happen. DevOps isn’t a technology but rather a cultural practice that relies on technology to optimize operations. As opposed to the waterfall or agile method of production with DevOps, engineers can run multiple processes together hence, its capability to speed up production processes.

An efficient DevOps team has members who prioritize learning and innovation. DevOps engineers are expected to be knowledgeable in infrastructure provisioning and have in-depth knowledge of how the systems function. Ensuring the team has members with different expertise is essential to breaking down silos.

Getting familiar with a deployment checklist would help a release engineer ensure that deployment is done correctly. This list contains practices and processes that the DevOps engineer needs to check before, during, and after deploying the software. The checklist would help new teams set up operations and improve the efficiency of older teams.

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How to use Git & GitHub for Version Control

GitHub PagesgitGitHub Actions

In the last post we created a simple authenticated website using Auth0 and RedwoodJS. Before we add more features to this project, it’s important to talk about version control.