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New AWS Inspector

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What is Amazon DocumentDB?

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Transible — your way to “Infrastructure as Code” with Ansible.

Transible - the tool which converts you cloud to Ansible playbooks, now AWS EC2 and VPC are supported (in addition to Openstack).

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Container Risks and Best Practices

Over the past years, containerization has increased demand as a powerful solution to application deployment and migration; however, this has not fallen short of challenges; among them security risks.

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The fastest way to ramp up on DevOps

You probably have been thinking of moving to DevOps or learning DevOps as a beginner. This article carefully explains fields you need to get familiar with or know of to become a full DevOps engineer.

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What Does The Future Of DevOps Look Like?

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Understanding Technical Debt for Software Teams

In pursuit of staying competitive in the market, many organizations choose speed over quality resulting in the accumulation of technical debt. This blog will dive deep into the concept of technical debt and explore ways to remediate it.

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K8s rolling updates upon configurations changes

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Serverless CI/CD with AWS Fargate and Tekton

It's pretty simple to configure EKS Fargate for running Tekton Pipelines, saves you the hassle of having to run nodes just for CI/CD pipelines.

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Ghost on Docker with Traefik

In this Article, I will show you how to host your own Ghost Instance with Docker and use Traefik as a Reverse Proxy.

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5 DevOps Tools to Level Up Your Kubernetes

Here are five tools to level up your Kubernetes journey; no matter if you are just getting started or deep in the K8s, read on to see why I picked them. 🦮

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2022 Prediction: DevSecOps will cross the chasm

We’ve been talking about DevSecOps and shift-left security for years. Although this approach probably didn’t “cross the chasm” in 2021, we did see some very telling milestones.

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Deploy to GKE Cluster from Jenkins

In this article we would revisit to see:

- Pre-requisites to configure on the kubernetes cluster deployed on GKE to connect from Jenkins

- Configuration/Plugins Required on the Jenkins

- How we can execute the simple manifest file ( Kind: Deployment/ Pod)

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DevOps & DecSecOps Roadmap [From beginner to an expert]

In this blog, I will be explaining the path that I’m following in my DevOps journey.

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Simple and secure deployment with Github Actions OpenID Connect (OIDC)

Continuous delivery (CD) workflows implemented Github Actions help deploy software, create and update cloud infrastructure, or make use of various services of cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS). To do this, a workflow needs to authenticate itself to the cloud provider through credentials to gain access to those resources and services.