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Best of Last week in FAUN (Jan 30th - Feb 5th)

Every week, we share the most popular articles, tutorials, and resources from FAUN Topics about Programming, DevOps, DevSecOps, Cloud Native, Cloud Computing, and Blockchain.

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Send Emails with Gmail API

Gmail is one of the most popular email services so far, and you will very probably want to use it as a mailbox for your web or mobile app. It is safe and credible, which is crucial to prevent your emails from going into the spam folder. That’s why we decided to flesh out how to send emails with Gmail API.

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Authentication and Authorization (OpenID Connect)of Go Rest Api’s using an open-source IAM called Keycloak

In this blog, you will see how different users can access APIs based on the scope assigned to them.

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AWS Cognito API for Golang Authentication

This article will contain a lot of code snippets. All code is retrievable here:
This is not production-ready code, you should add some other checks, wrap errors from Cognito to make them less user-affordable, integrate Cognito with Amplify and other things we’re not interested in.

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Strings in Golang

Golang strings are immutable.

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Go Channels

Today we will take a deep dive into channels and its workings.

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Testability is crucial

Before I decide to add a function I always ask myself, "how can I test this?" Although a plain question, it forces me to re-evaluate the change I wish to make. It also helps me express my code in a more thought out manner.

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GoPa, The Newsletter: Become a better Go developer

Announcing our coming-soon FAUN Topic for Gophers: GoPa. The newsletter about the Go programming language.

The Gopher's newsletter featuring must-read tutorials, news and libraries every week!
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Solve code complexity

I wrote a blog about Cognitive Code Complexity and how to solve that.

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