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AWS Cognito API for Golang Authentication

This article will contain a lot of code snippets. All code is retrievable here:
This is not production-ready code, you should add some other checks, wrap errors from Cognito to make them less user-affordable, integrate Cognito with Amplify and other things we’re not interested in.

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Kubernetes CRD Versioning for Operator Developers

Some guidelines for Kubernetes operator developers on how to version their CRDs

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Strings in Golang

Golang strings are immutable.

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Go Channels

Today we will take a deep dive into channels and its workings.

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The Way to Testing Mastery, Part 1: Rise

The ultimate guide to writing great unit tests that will improve your code quality

“When I master testing, will I get to dodge bugs?” Jessie: “No, when you master testing, you won’t have to”
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GoPa, The Newsletter: Become a better Go developer

Announcing our coming-soon FAUN Topic for Gophers: GoPa. The newsletter about the Go programming language.

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Solve code complexity

I wrote a blog about Cognitive Code Complexity and how to solve that.

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