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Machine Learning for Cybersecurity

Everything about Machine Learning for Cybersecurity and in-between.

ML for CS
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How to Implement Azure Personalizer for Enhanced Customer Experience

Azure Personalizer enables applications to show the most relevant content to the users. Personalizer helps you build a highly personalized user experience that translates to better customer engagement and ultimately loyalty.

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Normal Distribution Or Gaussian Distribution In Just 5 Minutes

What is Normal Distribution In Statistics and What is the Empirical Formula?

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Quantum Artificial Intelligence

In this article we want to develop a neural network that can measure a simulated qubit and return the correct value between 0 or 1.

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GCP Vertex AI - For Me

Looking the Vertex AI GCP service through non experienced Machine Learning user

Vertex AI Training
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How Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are Disrupting DevOps

Many IT teams are currently working on digital transformation projects. After all, companies want to benefit from current technologies such as the cloud, machine learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT).