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Machine Learning for Cybersecurity

Everything about Machine Learning for Cybersecurity and in-between.

ML for CS
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Vulnerabilities vs. Security Misconfigurations: An Essential Primer

When you hear the term “security breach,” chances are that risks like malware or ransomware attacks come to mind. These exploits tend to feature in headlines about major cybersecurity attacks.

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Methodology for Malware Static analysis: Portable Executable (PE) files

Malware analysis determines if a program/file is malicious. There are two phases in malware analysis.

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Four Questions Your Information Security Team Should be Asking

The key to succeeding in information security and cyber threat intelligence is recognizing what you’re dealing with, and adapting accordingly.

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Securing Microsoft Azure AD with FIDO2 Keys — Passwordless Authentication

Azure AD is a powerful cloud-based IdP from Microsoft that many organizations have “free” access to through their M365 subscriptions for Office 365 / Exchange Online.

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Deciphering A Caesar Cipher with Python

Caesar ciphers map out characters to other characters based on a number key chosen by the designer of the Caesar cipher.

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Cyber Security Awareness Anatomy

Anatomy (anatomē) is branch of Biology that has concern about the organism’s structure. The word of Anatomy comes from Greek words “ana” means up and “tome” means cutting. Key practice of medicine and other areas of health are to understand the Anatomy.