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SQL for Beginners 2022 — A Practical SQL Guide

SQL is one of the most-sought after tech skills in 2022 for data analysis and data engineering.

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Concept Hierarchy

In data we can visualize relationships in a hierarchical structure. As scientists our goal is to not only understand the data, but more importantly we want to be able to visualize the connections between pieces of information.

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An Introduction to Amazon Aurora Serverless for Beginners

When and how to use Amazon Aurora Serverless databases?

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My Machine Learning Roadmap

I started off learning mathematics before code, there are various applications of mathematics. Particularly Applied Mathematics which led me to computer science, and most recently machine learning.

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Top 25 Distributed Databases

Distributed databases help to store and query more securely and reliably. This article explores the best open source and commercial distributed databases to help you cater to growing data storage needs.

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