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AWS Security Intro – 3. Network

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How to debug AWS Lambda functions in production

Serverless is pretty cool but native debugging has always been a burden for developers. In this article, I looked into a tool which makes it possible to debug AWS Lambda functions written in Node.js and Python runtimes live in production. To give just a bit more context, this VSCode plugin allows you to put a breakpoint in your Lambda code and get the stack trace without adding an overhead or breaking the full flow of the application.

Serverless debugger
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Serverless CI/CD with AWS Fargate and Tekton

It's pretty simple to configure EKS Fargate for running Tekton Pipelines, saves you the hassle of having to run nodes just for CI/CD pipelines.

Blog Banner Serverless CI/CD with AWS Fargate and Tekton
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Microservices Architecture (Cloud Native Apps)

Microservice Architecture.png
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An Introduction to Amazon Aurora Serverless for Beginners

When and how to use Amazon Aurora Serverless databases?