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AWS DevOps Consultancy, Boldlink

Chaos Engineering

AWS FIS lets you practice Chaos Engineering safely on your account, allowing you to get the benefits of knowingly tinkering with your account in a secure, monitored way and pinpoint gaps in the infrastructure, hidden points of failure or security lapses etc and work to rectify them resulting in a st..

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AWS DevOps Consultancy, Boldlink

AWS Security Intro – 4. Data

When it comes to Data, we understand that misconfigurations can expose your data to be exposed or exploited against our customers. But if guided in the correct way to use the best solutions on AWS, they can avoid the misconfigurations and pitfalls of having an abundance of choices on AWS.AWS Shared ..

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Site Reliability Engineer, PhonePe

#1 What's Site Reliability Engineering [SRE] | Roles & Responsibilities | Technologies involved

Site Reliability Engineering, also popularly referred to as the SRE, is a role in Computer Science Engineering where the main purpose is to provision, maintain, monitor, and manage the infrastructure in order to provide maximum application uptime and reliability. SRE is an emerging role, but the tasks that the SRE does were always there ever since the first application that was developed. The scope of the software developers ends where they write code to develop the application and right from setting up the infrastructure, the various services that run on them, the network connectivity that is required, providing a platform for the application to run and making sure every part of the application is up and running reliably 24x7 is the duty of an SRE. In fact, we can consider Site Reliability Engineers are the strong bridge between the users and a reliable application.

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12 Factors: Revisiting the 1st Factor - Codebase

I’m starting this project as a way to revisit some important concepts, study a little and share some of the knowledge I’ve accumulated with my trajectory so far!

In this first phase of studies, I would like to revisit the concepts employed in the studies about the 12 factors for modern application development, inspired by the books of the legendary Martin Fowler.

This study was coordinated by developers of Heroku, a platform focused on delivering SaaS (Software as a Service) type applications.

So let’s get to know the first factor: Codebase.